Southern Interior Mule Deer Webinar Update

The BCWF has launched a world-class mule deer research in collaboration with the Okanagan Nation Alliance, The University of BC Okanagan, The University of Idaho, and the British Columbia Fish and Wildlife Branch.

Register here for the online webinar to learn the preliminary findings and ask your questions about BC’s largest collaborative mule deer study!


About the Southern Interior Mule Deer Project:

To learn how to restore mule deer populations in BC by studying how landscape change and the predator-prey community are affecting our current populations.

The BCWF has already confirmed $115,000 of this project’s funding to come from government sources, but as always we are heavily relying on volunteer support and non-government funding to make this project a reality.

The goal of the project is to answer the key question of how landscape change affects mule deer and the predator‐prey community. Jesse Zeman, Director of Fish and Wildlife Restoration for the B.C. Wildlife Federation in collaboration with Sophie Gilbert of the University of Idaho and Adam Ford of The University of British Columbia, Okanagan, created the following presentation to provide you with the history and background behind the population decline of the Mule deer in the Southern Interior of British Columbia.

For more information about the Southern Interior Mule Deer Project click here

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