The Legacy of Dr. Valerius Geist

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Valerius Geist at the age of 83. Dr. Valerius Geist was a pioneer in wildlife ecology focusing on behaviour and wildlife population ecology. Not only was he an exceptional scientist, but he was also able to speak to the public and bridge the gap between science and policy. These are rare qualities in the academic world.

“He was an incredible conservationist and I had the pleasure to hear him speak on a number of occasions through the Wild Sheep Society. One of the top researchers on wild sheep. A big loss.” Alan Dabb, BCWF Director.

Dr. Geist was the keynote speaker at the BCWF AGM multiple times. His presentations were always the talk of the convention. Dr. Geist took the time to talk to the BCWF membership and engage on a personal level. “Dr. Geist was a mentor, advisor and friend. He was always generous with his time and experience, helping to move conservation forward.“ Jesse Zeman, Director of Fish and Wildlife Restoration.

BCWF Director Wally Kampen also recalls memories with Dr. Geist, saying, “I had several really good talks with him, mostly waiting for our flights at the airport. I recall one such talk where I lost track of time and missed my flight. We were talking about bears habituated to fruit trees.”

He will be missed dearly.

Watch Dr. Geist speak at the 2017 AGM in Nelson, B.C..

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