BCWF Condemns Proposed Regulatory Changes to Pleasure Craft Licensing

The B.C. Wildlife Federation encourages immediate action from our members, followers, and all Pleasure Craft Licence holders in Canada: The consultation period for the proposed regulatory changes ends at midnight TONIGHT.

The Federal Government has proposed amendments to Small Vessel Regulations that will impact every Pleasure Craft Licence (PCL) holder in Canada, and failed to advertise the public consultation process. You need to act TODAY if you would like to provide input.

If successful, these changes would result in a 5-year validity period for all PCLs, as well as reduce the time frame that licence holders have to provide notification of change of information from 90 days to 30 days.

These changes will impact families, outdoor recreationists, anglers, hunters, and anyone who wants to enjoy our resources and waterways.

Learn more here: https://www.gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p1/2023/2023-05-13/html/reg2-eng.html

If you do not want to pay to renew your PCL every five years, please use the above link to provide feedback on this consultation IMMEDIATELY.

You can also contact:

As well as your own MP (https://www.ourcommons.ca/Members/en/search)

You can read our public response below:

2023-07-12 – PCL Consultation – Office of Boating Safety

July 12, 2023

RE: Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 157, Number 19: Regulations Amending the Small Vessel Regulations

The B.C. Wildlife Federation is strongly opposed to the proposed changes to the Regulations Amending the Small Vessel Regulations,
particularly with regards to the change in licensing structure that will increase the cost for families to enjoy our natural resources.

Furthermore, we condemn this underhanded attempt to prevent interested groups from providing feedback on the proposed regulation
changes by failing to sufficiently advertise public consultation. Amendments are generally given a 60-day timeline for feedback from
stakeholders, user groups, and others that could possibly be affected by such drastic changes. This chance for input must be well
advertised, and broadcast to a wide network to ensure as many concerned individuals as possible can provide their input.

In the case of Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 157, Number 19: Regulations Amending the Small Vessel Regulations, the B.C. Wildlife
Federation – B.C’s largest conservation organization, has only just been notified of this drastic change, less than 24 hours from the close of
its consultation period.

Failing to well-advertise a regulatory change that will impact the 13 million Canadians that go boating each year is unacceptable.

These changes, in part, state that:

  • There will be a new 5-year validity period for all PCLs (Pleasure Craft Licence).
  • Reduce the time frame licence holders have to provide notification of a change of information on their licence from 90 days to 30 days.

On behalf of our 43,000 members, we are opposed to the changes as written.

  1. A large portion of hunters and anglers rely on their boats to travel our public waterways to areas where they can source
    sustainable, wild food.
  2. This will add another cost to families and outdoor recreationists in an already turbulent economy.
  3. This will impact families who want to enjoy our resources and waterways.
  4. There are no mentions of grandfathering current PCL holders.

We respectfully ask that these proposed regulations be removed from consideration, and that you continue to allow PCL holders to enjoy
our bountiful resources in British Columbia and across Canada with no further restrictions or costs.

David Lewis Mark McDonald
President Vice President
B.C. Wildlife Federation

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