BCWF disappointed by impending Royal Assent of Bill C-21

The B.C. Wildlife Federation is disappointed that the federal government’s misguided attempt to reduce gun crime appears ready to be passed into law. 

This law will do nothing to address gun crime in our cities or the stop the flow of illegal firearms across our border with the United States. 

Instead, Bill C-21 renders illegal millions of commonly used hunting rifles owned by registered firearms license holders.  

“This Bill is the appearance of doing something about crime, without addressing crime in any meaningful way,” said BCWF Executive Director Jesse Zeman. “”These changes are a veiled attempt to make Canadians think spending billions of dollars to go after safe, law-abiding firearm owners will somehow reverse Canada’s soaring violent crime rates: they won’t. This is window dressing at its finest.  The B.C. Wildlife Federation will continue to advocate for safe firearms ownership and will continue to criticize the Government of Canada for making regulatory decisions based on optics instead of evidence.” 

The buy-back program for newly prohibited firearms will cost taxpayers about $2 billion, about four to five times as much as the federal government promised, according to internal government figures. 

Further, the Bill restricts the transfer or purchase of handguns used by target shooters to any other person, including immediate family members. This move will spell the end of competitive and recreational handgun target shooting in Canada and affect the viability of outdoor sports clubs. 

It is mystifying to see the federal government reduce mandatory sentences for people who commit crimes with firearms, smugglers and violent gangsters, while further regulating licensed firearms owners. 

We strongly encourage our members and all Canadians to engage with your Members of Parliament and let them know your thoughts.


“This Bill will hamper our members and our club. It does nothing to protect the average citizen or business owner. Rather, recreational and competitive handgun shooting will wither, leaving licensed firearm owners unable to participate in their sport. As a result, clubs like ours will lose members and viability.”

  • Dave Graham, President of Ridgedale Rod & Gun Club

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