COVID-19 Guidance to Anglers

As anglers have standard etiquette at boat launches that keep fishing a low-risk activity, the inclusion of a few additional considerations can help further reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The BC Wildlife Federation believes we all need to be able to get outdoors for healthy activity during this time of physical distancing. Follow the COVID-19 Guidance to Anglers recommendations to ensure that you can Have fun, stay safe, fish locally, and keep protecting yourself and others.

COVID-19 Guidance to Anglers on Boat Launch Use:

Be Patient:


  • Taking additional safety actions can make things take a little longer, be patient with other anglers.

Be prepared to change your plans:


  • If you arrive and the site is already busy or becoming crowded, please come back at another time.
  • Only by ensuring there is no crowding can we ensure the use of boat launches remains a low-risk activity.



  • When parking, leave a little extra room than you usually would ensure there are at least two metres (6 feet) between your vehicle and the vehicle next to you.
  • Even if the parking lot is empty, give everyone extra space

At the ramp:


  • Giving the required additional space to your fellow angler can slow movement down. To compensate, move your boat as quickly as you can both on and off the ramp.
  • Make sure you are fully ready and don’t have to stop to recheck anything.
  • If you aren’t ready when you move to the side, make sure to give extra clearance.
  • Don’t pause to chat, even if you are at a safe physical distance.
  • For larger ramps, follow any local COVID-19 direction for ramp lanes, such as alternating lanes or limiting lanes.

Taking care of your boat:


  • To maintain physical distancing requirements, leave extra space when you disperse your boat at docks or on land.
  • Don’t tie to other boats (don’t raft)
  • As with the ramps, be patient and clear quickly

For updates regarding COVID-19 and hunting and angling activities click here

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