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65th BCWF Annual General Meeting – Board Election Results

The B.C. Wildlife Federation is pleased to announce the results of the 2021 BCWF Board of Directors Election. The BCWF would also like to thank board members Mike Langegger, John Thornton, and Barb Whittingham as well as Past President Bill Bosch for their continued participation on the board.


President Chuck Zuckerman
Chuck is a seventy-one-year-old father and grandfather who first joined the BCWF in 1977. Chuck served as the President of the POCO Hunting and Fishing Club for 13 years and has spent forty years actively supporting conservation.

“Splendour Without Diminishment,” B.C.’s motto, encapsulates Chuck’s commitment to the Federation and its use of scientifically managing habitat and wildlife species.
Chuck has served on the Board of Directors of the B.C. Wildlife Federation since 2015, was the President of the Lower Mainland Region and the Chair of the Recreational Shooting Sports Committee.
Chuck has a varied background teaching at Simon Fraser University, working as a Business Agent on the Vancouver Waterfront, and teaching the PAL and CORE courses for over four decades.
Most recently Chuck presented the BCWF’s concerns regarding Bill C-71 to the Canadian Senate.

Vice President Dave Carleton
Dave Carleton is a passionate outdoorsman and has been involved with the BCWF at the local club level, board level & executive level for more than 20 years. Dave believes that the management of our resources is key and has represented BCWF as the reputable organization included at the discussion table to evoke change.
Dave’s strong belief in science-based decisions has led his advocacy work for habitat restoration which includes dealing with First Nations, Ministries, and private landowners.

Dave is a CORE instructor and introduced the NASP program locally. Recently, Dave has been dedicated to the Southern Interior Mule Deer Project as the Okanagan representative and the BCWF liaison for the project.
Dave believes that the BCWF’s members are the strength of the organization and looks forward to serving another year in the Vice President role.

Vice President David Lewis
David’s involvement on the BCWF Board of Directors as Region 6 President, gives him the insight, knowledge, and experience to make informed decisions about current issues and how to move forward for the betterment of BCWF members.

David believes that the BCWF, as a grassroots organization rich in conservation history, has the duty to ensure that the opportunities we have today are here for generations to come. David’s passion for the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and shooting has generated an understanding of a wide range of issues – access, firearms, putting more fish in the waters, and wildlife on the landscapes.
David is dedicated and willing to work hard for today and harder for tomorrow.

Treasurer Alison Carleton
Alison has accepted the role of Treasurer for the B.C. Wildlife Federation for the third year. Throughout her tenure, Alison has supported the strategic initiatives of the B.C. Wildlife Federation, including the goal to be a financially sustainable organization that serves its members, and creating transparency and open communication with the members regarding the financial operation of the organization.

As treasurer, Alison has been involved in every club project and is proud of the work that our club has accomplished with wetland and habitat restoration.
Alison’s local club has been successful with fundraising, and she is proud of the financial contributions to the B.C. Wildlife Federation, particularly the Southern Interior Mule Deer Project of which Alison is an active volunteer.


Rob Chipman
Rob has fished, hunted, camped, canoed, hiked, and ridden horses all over British Columbia, since the age of six.

Rob is currently a BCWF board member, continuing to stand for another term. Rob is the Chair of the BCWF Indigenous Relations Committee, actively participating in a variety of initiatives and issues related to conservation and access.
Rob’s charismatic style of relationship and community-building has been proven to work hard and smart with other groups that have similar goals.
Rob is committed to preserving not only fish, wildlife and habitat, but also hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation heritage.

Alan Dabb
Alan is a long-time direct member and supporter of the B.C. Wildlife Federation who first joined the BCWF in the late 1980s and worked as a summer co-op student for the BCWF in 1990 while completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at Simon Fraser University.

Alan currently holds a law degree from the University of Ottawa and a Master’s degree from Carleton University.
Alan is extremely passionate about British Columbia’s fish, wildlife, and outdoor recreation. In 2018, Alan joined the BCWF’s Wildlife Committee and was named the BCWF alternate representative on the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund’s Special Permits Steering Committee.
In 2019, Alan was elected to the BCWF’s Board of Directors. As a Director, Alan has advocated strongly to protect the right of British Columbia residents to hunt, fish and enjoy all that British Columbia has to offer.


Carl Gitscheff
Carl lives in Williams Lake and currently serves as a Director of the BC Trappers Association. Carl has committed to bringing his lifetime of “on the land” experience as a frontline conservationist to the B.C. Wildlife Federation board.

Carl has experience with Canada-wide advocacy initiatives, working with government and oppositional groups.
Carl’s experience in strategic planning, public relations, communications, and advocacy will be an asset to the BCWF Board of Directors team.
Carl has previously served in both a Director and Regional President role with the B.C. Wildlife Federation.

Brad Klock
Born and raised on Vancouver Island, and now residing in Kamloops, Brad has hunted and fished British Columbia extensively for 43 years.

As a Corporate Business Consultant, Brad has worked with/for B.C. First Nations, developing business structure and sustainable business models and was active in leading engagement and negotiations with corporations and government, most notably: Enbridge, BC Timber Sales, Mt. Polley & Gibraltar Mines, Tolko Industries, Ministry of Transportation/Forests, Lands & Natural Resources/Water, Land & Air/Environment. While consulting with First Nations, “stewardship” has been a cornerstone value and while creating several successful International businesses, education, research, and partnerships have always played significant roles in garnering local, provincial/state support.
Brad has 20+ years of experience in C-suite corporate governance, as well as a strong data analytics and financial analysis skillset.

David Oliver
David joined the B.C. Wildlife Federation in the 1980s as a life member and has supported the outstanding contributions the BCWF attains for its provincial members and non-members alike.
At present, David is the BCWF Access chair, Fishing Forever liaison, a representative for the Provincial Trails Advisory board (PTAB), and director of the Outdoor Recreation Board.
David’s previous accomplishments include assisting to establish the Off-Road Vehicles Act where I represented the BCWF in conjunction with the Off-Road Vehicle Joint Advisory Group (ORV JAG).
Additionally, David has assisted Neil Fletcher, Director of Conservation Stewardship Programs with wetlands projects, coordinated Kidz Go Wild Camps with Chris Lim, and promoted the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP).
David was honoured in 2017 by the BCWF President for outstanding volunteer achievement and hopes to serve the membership by being a member of the Board of Directors.

Photo credit: Moriah Wolfe

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