Gun Violence and Federal Parties Stance on Gun Control

According to a CBC article on where the federal parties stand on gun control, “A recent spike in gun violence in Quebec — which saw a triple homicide in Montreal on Aug. 2 and two more fatal shootings in the same week — has reinvigorated criticism of the federal government’s proposed legislation on gun control and prompted calls for new measures ahead of the federal election.”

“The Quebec government, the city of Montreal and gun control advocates have slammed a controversial bill to tighten gun laws tabled by the Trudeau government in February, saying its provisions would do little to curb gun violence or bolster public safety.”

“Bill C-21 is unsatisfactory,” Guillaume Cloutier, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante’s associate chief of staff, tweeted last week in response to a shooting that killed three people in Rivière-des-Prairies in Montreal’s east end.”

“Heidi Rathjen, a member of the gun-control group PolySeSouvient and survivor of the 1989 Polytechnique massacre, said the Liberals’ gun laws “sound good but hide incredibly weak, hollow, toothless measures.”

The B.C. Wildlife Federation (BCWF) stands for responsible gun ownership, strongly advocating against Bill C-71 and Bill C-21 since their inception.

Gary Mauser, Chair of the B.C. Wildlife Federation’s Firearms Committee, commented that: “Montreal’s recent problems lie with violent criminals not hunters and sport shooters. Additional firearms laws will add nothing to an already overly complex regulatory system.”

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