Take Action on B.C. Bill 4 – Firearm Violence Prevention Act

The B.C. Wildlife Federation’s Recreational Sports Shooting and Firearms committees have been working together to inform members and clubs about the problems caused to responsible owners by ill-considered firearms legislation at both the federal and provincial level.

We urge clubs and members to spend 10 minutes now sending your informed, on-the-ground feedback on the Firearm Violence Prevention Act [BC Bill 4] to add your voice to our work.

Please send a letter to Cole Winegarden at the Policy and Security Branch to point out the significant financial and logistical hardship that this bill will cause.

Cole Winegarden’s address and a draft letter are available at: 




More information about this legislation can be found at: 




If we don’t stand up for ourselves, who will? 

Thank you, 

Gary Mauser, BCWF Firearms Committee Chair   

Doug Bancroft, BCWF Recreational Sports Shooting Committee Chair 

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