Submission to the Proposal for changes to the Mines Act

The proposed changes to the Mines Act are a step in the right direction, but the BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF) believes more needs to be done to protect B.C.’s fish, wildlife and their habitats. Mines need to be regulated carefully to ensure mining companies adopt sensible environmental practices and pay for their pollution costs.

Oil and gas and mining sectors operate under their own Act. With large projects in the province, such as Site C, there is a need to address the cumulative impacts of all crown land development. Consistency in approach to cumulative effects on landscape sustainability will be more important, particularly in the face of climate change.

One of the BCWF’s recommendations is that an independent Natural Resource Practices Board should be created to assess the impacts of different kinds of development, including mining, across the entire landscape.

Read our full submission:

The BC Wildlife Federations Submission to the Proposal for Changes to the Mines Act

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