Photo credit: Kristopher Kinsinger

Jesse Zeman on Radio NL News – Kamloops Talking about the Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Coalition

“All of these different groups and individuals who care dearly about fish, wildlife and habitat in British Columbia are coming upon the realization that things are disappearing and they’re in decline and we aren’t doing a good job of protecting a future for our kids and for fish, wildlife and habitat. So, this group has come together and said we can’t continue to have this and we need to change it.” Jesse Zeman, BCWF director of fish and wildlife restoration, said.

He joined Brett Mineer, host of the NL Noon Report on CHNL 610AM to talk about the newly formed Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Coalition, which represents 25 organizations, over 273,000 British Columbians and over 900 businesses and aims to re-establish B.C. as the world leader in fish, wildlife and habitat management.

The Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Coalition will be focusing on:

  • Creating legislation that protects fish, wildlife, and habitat;
  • Integrating the needs of fish, wildlife, and habitat into new and existing legislation;
  • Increasing funding and creating a new governance model for fish, wildlife, and habitat management.

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