Watershed Stewardship & Education Programs

Engaging a Community of Fish Habitat and Wetland Stewards

The B.C. Wildlife Federation’s Wetlands Education Program and Fish Habitat Restoration and Education Program workshops actively restore, enhance, and protect critical habitat for wildlife, while providing the knowledge and tools for program participants to engage in their own restoration projects.

Learn more about how these programs raise awareness for habitat restoration, inspire community stewards, and engage with with BCWF clubs and members, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local community groups, First Nations communities, and more to create unique and inclusive educational workshops.

Programs & Opportunities

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Wetlands Education Program

The Wetlands Education Program offers a series of workshops that teach community members the technical and field skills to conserve, monitor, and restore wetland habitat. These include Map our Marshes, Wetlandkeepers, and the Wetlands Institute. Learn more about each of these amazing opportunities, find a workshop near you, or learn how to bring a workshop to your community!

Fish Habitat Restoration and Education Program

The BCWF’s Fish Habitat Restoration and Education Program workshops are building community engagement towards a future where freshwater ecosystems are healthy, sustainable, and valued by local communities. Learn how to steward your local stream, connect with stewardship groups, and gain further experience in riparian conservation.