Fish Habitat Restoration & Education Program

Fish Habitat Restoration & Education

Many native fish populations, species of birds, and other wildlife and plant species rely on healthy in-stream habitat and an intact riparian area for survival. Though riparian areas only account for a small portion of B.C.’s land base, they are far more productive than the adjacent upland areas, providing critical ecosystem functions important in maintaining the balance and water quality of a stream or river. Habitat loss is a contributing factor to the extinction of over 100 salmon stocks in B.C. The BCWF’s Fish Habitat Restoration and Education Program initiatives are working towards a future where freshwater ecosystems are healthy, sustainable, and valued by local communities.  

The Fish Habitat Restoration and Education workshops and initiatives aim to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and conserving freshwater fish and riparian habitats across B.C., while building community capacity to care for these valued areas through restoration and community engagement.

Join the BCWF and learn technical skills to help steward your local stream, connect with local stewardship groups, and gain further experience in fish habitat conservation!

The Fish Habitat & Riparian Stewardship workshop is a two-day workshop where you will learn different approaches to restore and conserve fish habitat. The BCWF brings workshops into local communities to teach stream health sampling, stream mapping, stream monitoring, plant and animal identification, planting, and other stream stewardship skills. Each workshop will incorporate methods that suit the unique needs of the area.

This workshop is a mix of hands-on fieldwork and presentations providing participants with the technical skill set to help steward a local stream.

Upcoming Events: 

Outdoor Access Improvement Project & The B.C. Lakes Access Guide

Learn about B.C. lakes’ accessibility upgrades though our Dock Project and explore the updated area with 360 degree tours.

Fraser River Tidal Marsh Cleanup

Evidence suggests that debris removal has a significant positive impact on marsh habitat quality. As such, the BCWF’s Fish Habitat Restoration team has embarked on an ambitious project to restore habitat quality and preserve the few remaining natural spaces. 

Phase one of the BCWF’s Fraser River Tidal Marsh Clean-up Project was taken on in 2021 with support from local volunteer groups, municipalities and Tsawwassen First Nation.

In partnership with South Coast Land Management Program and Tsawwassen First Nation, phase two of the BCWF’s Fraser River Tidal Marsh Clean-up Project began in September 2023.

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