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Conservation Webinar Series

BCWF Conservation Webinar Series

Science-based Solutions & Recommendations for the Protection and Conservation of B.C.'s Fish, Wildlife and Habitat

In fall 2020, the B.C. Wildlife Federation started offering free conservation webinars on Zoom to fulfill its mandate of providing science-based solutions and consistent recommendations for the protection and conservation of fish, wildlife and habitat in British Columbia. The webinars do not only support conservation education and are a collaboration between the BCWF and other like-minded organizations, but they also create awareness and promote advocacy activities for the BCWF membership and public audience.

Upcoming Webinars

The following calendar will be updated continuously. Please check back for updates frequently.

Topic Keynote Title Date Registration
Forest and Fire Management in B.C.: Toward Landscape Resilience Tracy Andrews and Nick Reynolds with Bruce Blackwell BC Forest Practices Board October 18th, 2023 Register below
Webinar: SIMDeer – How habitat use impacts mule deer survival in south central BC
Webinar: Win-win options for moose management and caribou recovery
Webinar: Spatial and seasonal variation in cougar prey choice across the southern interior of B.C.
Moose habitat selection in disturbed landscapes: does risky habitat selection pay off for calf survival?
Utilization of probiotics for disease prevention in Chinook salmon aquaculture
Hunting regulations
Why BC hunters are willing to pay for better wildlife management
Details of the new Government of Canada legislation (C-21) and why it won’t reduce firearms crime
The status of Grizzly Bears in B.C and why the hunt ended
Webinar: SIMDeer – Understanding mule deer migration in south central BC
Improving Forest Practices to Protect Water
When does selective hunting lead to evolutionary change and what (if anything) should we do about it?
2050: Will Wildfire and Wildlife Coexist?
The role of marine and freshwater regime changes in the declines of Pacific salmonids in British Columbia
Impacts of Pinniped Predation on BC Salmon
Southern BC Cougar Project
Chronic Wasting Disease: Prevention, Surveillance, and Response
Environmental Induced Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance: Hatchery Impacts on Steelhead Trout Populations
Road Ecology in the Anthropocene: Lessons from Banff and Beyond
Photo credit: HooksetBC
Survival of Pacific salmon released or escaped from fisheries capture
Meredith Fontana
Integrated carnivore-ungulate management: a case study in west-central Montana
Factors Affecting Moose Populations in Interior B.C.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in attending the webinar but unable to join. Will the webinar be recorded? 

Yes! The webinar will be recorded and made available on YouTube in our BCWF Conservation Webinar Series Playlist and the tab ‘Live’ on Facebook. We also link to the recordings of all previous webinars on our Conservation Webinar Series webpage.

I have registered for the Zoom webinar but I am unable to attend. How do I receive a recording of the webinar? 

No problem, 24 hours after the Zoom webinar has ended, all registrants will receive an email with the link to the recording on YouTube and Facebook Live video.

Will my questions be responded to? 

We give our best to respond to all questions coming in from Zoom and Facebook during the webinar. However, due to time constraints, we offer to collect the questions that were not responded to and upload the responses to them after the webinar on the Conservation Webinar Series webpage under “Previous Webinars”.

I know what I want to ask before the webinar. 

You can send your questions to before the webinar. Please note that your Zoom registration confirmation email will include a note to send your questions to the Communications Team before the webinar if you prefer.

I have looked at the uploaded responses to the questions that were not responded to during the webinar and I still have questions.

If possible, we will include the contact details of our speaker to respond to more questions. Otherwise, you can send us an email to and we will respond as soon as possible.