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Raise Your Voice

Speak Up for the Issues that Matter to You

There is strength in numbers. We are calling our members and supporters to speak out on issues that they care about. Read our statements and engage with government officials to ensure that our collective voice is heard loud and clear.

Sidney Island Fallow Deer Eradication

The B.C. Wildlife Federation has deep concerns about the federal government and Parks Canada’s plan to control deer populations on Sidney Island using airborne sharpshooters. We believe there are more cost-effective ways to reduce the population of fallow deer.

Resident hunters are available and qualified to humanely remove fallow deer, by hunting from the ground. They are more than willing to pay for the opportunity to do so.

Please read our statement to government here, and be sure to engage via the email address provided at the link.

Get Involved

Now is the time to invest, conserve, protect and restore our landscapes and wildlife to stabilize and restore what makes British Columbia special. This requires a commitment from the Province to re-establish British Columbia as a world leader in fish, wildlife and habitat management.

Best Practices for Meeting with Elected Officials

As passionate conservationists, hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts, it is important to voice your concerns to your elected officials on government decisions effecting fish, wildlife and their habitat.

The BCWF has created two “Best Practices” videos to provide information and support to you. The first video outlines how to book and prepare for a meeting. The second video outlines what and how you may want to communicate during your meeting.

Best Practices – Part 1

Best Practices – Part 2