Speak Up for the Issues that Matter to You

The BCWF has more than 41,000 members. B.C. is home to 316,000 PAL holders, 300,000 freshwater anglers, 275,000 saltwater anglers, and 110,000 licensed hunters. The numbers are in our favour. We are calling on our members and supporters to speak out on issues that they care about.

People have been foraging, angling, and hunting to feed themselves for millions of years and time has not diminished our appetite for natural foods. If anything, the modern world has increased our enthusiasm for traditional foodways. But public discourse and government interventions concerning firearms ownership, wildlife management, limitations to public access, and a disregard for our way of life suggest that we have an image problem.

We need to change how we are perceived through education. BCWF members and member clubs need to educate our Members of Parliament, but also our friends and neighbours. 

Read our statements and engage with government officials to ensure that our collective voice is heard loud and clear.

Meet Our Advocacy Coordinator

Steve Hamilton is the B.C. Wildlife Federation’s full time Conservation, Hunting, Angling and Firearms Advocacy and Engagement (Advocacy) Coordinator. He has been involved with the B.C. Wildlife Federation in one capacity or another for many years. He has a solid understanding of the Federation and the work we are doing. His role is to connect, engage, and advocate on behalf of our members and clubs on conservation, angling, hunting, and firearms.

Steve is based in Prince George B.C. with his family and has a plethora of education and experiences under his belt, including, but no limited to, a Digital Marketing Certificate, a Diploma in Public Relations through the University of Victoria, VPD and RCMP K9 Training, defensive tactics training, Peace Officer Training, PAL, BC Trappers License, CORE and more! He is an avid outdoorsman, a member of the Spruce City Wildlife Association, and he participates in everything the BCWF stands for.

Advocacy Initiatives

Check the links below for news on the issues that matter to you, our position statements on key topics, and opportunities to engage.

Hunting & Access

You can help change the future of conservation and hunting in B.C. by getting involved. Your actions and your voice matter. Together, we can make a difference and protect the future of conservation and hunting in British Columbia. Let’s collaborate to oppose emotionally charged campaigns and ensure the sustainable coexistence of wildlife and responsible hunting practices.

The best way to add your voice is by becoming a member of the B.C. Wildlife Federation. Learn how to hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors sustainably. Engage on issues that you care about.


In British Columbia, there are 300,000 freshwater fishing license holders and 275,000 saltwater fishing license holders. Entire communities rely on fishing for sustenance. Fishing is a pastime that brings people together and unites generations. Yet, a wave of threats to fish have emerged in B.C. and we need to take action quickly to save our fisheries.


To the 316,000 Possession and Acquisition License holders in Canada, firearms are a tool hunters use to acquire wild game and a piece of equipment that sport shooters use at the range. The BCWF Firearms Committee and Recreational Sport Shooting Committee are working diligently to advocate against unreasonable bans and regulations being introduced against law-abiding firearm owners at all levels of government. We encourage everyone to take part in a National Range Day event or check out a club near them to see what shooting sports are all about.

Conservation - We Do The Work

The B.C. Wildlife Federation is engaging in world class science, leading habitat restoration education programs, and getting our hands dirty doing the on-the-ground stewardship to ensure a better future for fish and wildlife in British Columbia.

Advocacy in Action

To support our Vision and Mission, the B.C. Wildlife Federation keeps on top of breaking news stories and upcoming issues that impact fish and wildlife in British Columbia and takes decisive action. We weigh in, engage with the media and encourage our members to contact their elected officials. Our collective voice makes a difference.

We encourage all our members, followers, and all British Columbians to speak up on the issues that matter.

Support Our Advocacy Work

Please become a member or donate to support us. We are doing the work, raising our voices in Victoria and Ottawa, and we need your help. Donations of $10 and above are eligible for a tax deduction. Become a monthly donor, leave a legacy gift, start a fundraiser, or find other ways to support the BCWF.

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