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Our Vision

“Leading the conservation and wise use of British Columbia’s fish, wildlife and habitat.”

Our Mission

“To protect, enhance and promote the wise use of the environment for the benefit of present and future generations.”

  • Ensure public access to recreational and outdoor activities, fish and wildlife resources and Crown land
  • Provide science/fact-based solutions for its members and other stakeholders in B.C.

To support our Vision and Mission, the B.C. Wildlife Federation keeps on top of breaking news stories and upcoming issues that will impact fish and wildlife in British Columbia and takes decisive action. We weigh in, engage with the media, encourage our members to contact their elected officials, and our collective voice makes a difference.

We encourage all our members, followers, and all British Columbians to speak up on the issues that matter.

Below, please see some of our advocacy campaigns as well as some tips for engaging with your Member of Parliament or Member of the Legislative Assembly.

Conservation Webinar Series

The Conservation Webinar Series provides free science-based solutions and recommendations from world experts on fish, wildlife, habitat, firearms, and more! They support conservation education and generate awareness and advocacy.

Sidney Island Deer Eradication

The BCWF learned in August 2023 that Parks Canada was planning to eradicate the deer with sharpshooters firing from helicopters, rather than employing hunters to do the job safely and without significant disruption to residents of the island.

Our President, David Lewis, and our Conservation, Hunting, Angling and Firearms Policy & Engagement Coordinator, Steve Hamilton, drafted a letter to Parks Canada at that time explaining our concerns and offering viable alternatives.

Lewis questioned the expense and significant risks of the program, which is now underway. Parks Canada met with David Lewis and Steve Hamilton to discuss these concerns further, but Parks Canada declined to take our advice and have already completed the first stage of the eradication.

The BCWF also invited our members to participate in the public comment period. 

BC Hydro Failing to Compensate for Environmental Damage

The B.C. Wildlife Federation and the UVic Environmental Law Centre have submitted a 66-page brief to the Auditor General of British Columbia calling for a full audit and examination of the Crown corporation’s funding of the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program and that program’s failure to meet its legal obligations to compensate for the impacts of its operations on fish and wildlife and their habitat.

2021 Position Statements

These position statements promote accountability and transparency in B.C. Wildlife Federation’s advocacy for specific, fact-based solutions that protect, enhance and promote the wise use of the environment for the benefit of present and future generations.

Raise Your Voice

Best Practices for Meeting with Elected Officials

Now is the time to invest, conserve, protect and restore our landscapes and wildlife to preserve the gifts that make British Columbia special. This requires a commitment from the provincial government to re-establish British Columbia as a world leader in fish, wildlife and habitat management.

As passionate conservationists, hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts, it is important to voice your concerns to your elected officials on government decisions effecting fish, wildlife, and their habitat.

The BCWF has created two “Best Practices” videos to provide information and support to you. The first video outlines how to book and prepare for a meeting. The second video outlines how to communicate effectively during your meeting.

Best Practices – Part 1

Best Practices – Part 2

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