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Wetlands Education

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Every year, the Wetlands Education Program (WEP) team works to restore, enhance, and conserve wetlands across our beautiful province. We offer courses in communities all across BC to provide the knowledge and tools for participants to be wetland stewards in their own backyard.

WEP collaborates with BCWF clubs and members, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local community groups, naturalist clubs, First Nations groups, and more to create unique and inclusive educational workshops. Thanks to BCWF’s ongoing concern for conserving wetlands, communities can ensure these extraordinary ecosystems will be enjoyed by wildlife and people for future generations!

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Programs & Workshops

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Map our Marshes

Did you know smaller wetlands are highly productive for a diversity of species and provide flood control and water-filtration capabilities? Map our Marshes offers passionate community members the technical and field skills for mapping smaller wetlands with Global Positioning System (GPS) units as well as the knowledge to upload these maps to an online database.

As users of the environment, we need to know what ecosystems are in our backyards to help determine conservation mandates as development continues at a rapid pace across BC. Map our Marshes courses teach community members how to track changes to wetland landscapes through GPS education, which lays the foundation for habitat protection and conservation. This one-day introduction to GPS skills leaves participants feeling empowered, connected to a language of technology, and supported by BCWF trainers in their future stewardship endeavours.


Learn technical skills to steward your own wetland.

Wetlandkeepers is a two and a half-day workshop that educates participants about wetland conservation! The BCWF brings the Wetlandkeepers Course into communities to teach wetland mapping, plant and animal identification, soil sampling, and other wetland classification and stewardship skills. Each workshop varies to suit the community’s unique wetland needs.

This course is a mix of hands-on fieldwork and presentations that provides participants with the technical skills to steward their own wetland. Participants are given a Wetlandkeepers certificate at the end of the workshop and are provided follow-up support by the Wetlands Education Program team.

Wetlands Institute

Master wetland stewardship, restoration, and construction in the field.

The Wetlands Institute is an intensive 7-day hands-on workshop that educates participants about wetland stewardship, restoration, and construction.

Participants come to the Wetlands Institute with a project they wish to implement in their home communities, whether it be restoration, protection, enhancement, or an educational project. During the workshop, participants receive support from knowledgeable experts and obtain hands-on training to successfully implement their wetland projects in their community.

Participants spend most of the week in the field learning about the importance and diversity of wetlands, practicing up-to-date field techniques to inventory wetlands vegetation mapping, water quality, soils, birds, amphibians, and much more.

Within the selected host community(ies), several different wetland sites are visited during the week to highlight different restoration, conservation, and education methods. By the end of the workshop, participants will have helped restore or enhance at least one wetland.

Introducing the Wetlands Institute Virtual Speaker Series (2020-21)

BCWF’s Wetlands Education Program is also proud to present Wetlands Institute: Speaker Series, a series of stand-alone webinars and workshops on topics for those working in the environmental sector and wetland practitioners in conservation, restoration, and education around wetlands.

Wetlands Workforce

The B.C. Wildlife Federation’s Wetlands Workforce project is a collaboration with conservation organizations and First Nations that will deploy work-pods across British Columbia throughout 2021.

Through these work-pods the project aims to improve riparian area habitat; monitor the effectiveness of wetland restoration sites; advance collaborative restoration projects with First Nations and communities; provide employment opportunities targeting women, young adults, and First Nations; and to support Province-wide monitoring initiatives that will improve wetland management.

Other Workshops and Events

Wetlands Restoration

Are you interested in getting involved with wetland habitat restoration? In recent years, we have increased our input for wetland restoration and we have continued to host wetland restoration/construction workshops or related events to improve wetland habitat in BC.

We are always on the lookout on how we can support partners and British Columbians in accomplishing wetland restoration that benefits wildlife and supports healthy communities.

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