Wetlands Workshops

Learn Technical & Field Skills for Wetlands in Your Backyard

Wetlands are crucial for flood control, water filtration, and producing diversity of species — gain the practical skills to protect these essential ecosystems with a BCWF wetlands workshop!

The BCWF Wetlands Education Program offers free Map Our Marshes workshops (1-day) and Wetlandkeepers workshops (2.5-days) annually across B.C. to enable our community to learn about, steward, and map local wetlands. Learn more about the two programs below.

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Map our Marshes

Map our Marshes is a one-day workshop that offers passionate community members the technical and field skills for mapping smaller wetlands with Global Positioning System (GPS) units and useful smartphone apps, and how to share this information with local decision makers (e.g. local ENGOs, Government, and Consultants).

Map our Marshes courses teach community members how to track changes to wetland landscapes through GPS education, which lays the foundation for habitat protection and conservation. This introduction to GPS skills leaves participants feeling empowered, connected to a language of technology, and supported in their future stewardship endeavors.

2024 workshops will be announced in spring!


Wetlandkeepers is a 2.5 day workshop that educates participants about wetland conservation. We bring this course into communities to teach wetland delineation, plant and animal identification, soil sampling, and other wetland classification and stewardship skills. Each workshop varies to suit the community’s unique wetland needs.

A mix of hands-on fieldwork and presentations, this workshop enables participants to steward their own wetland. Participants are given a Wetlandkeepers certificate at the end of the workshop and are provided follow-up support by the Wetlands Education Program team.

2024 workshops will be announced in spring!

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