Firearms Advocacy

Firearms Advocacy

In the federal government’s December throne speech, the Liberal Party promised to ban “military-style” firearms and implement a firearms buy-back program. Throughout the election campaign, the BCWF opposed any firearms bans through our Firearm Advocacy campaigns.

All private sales of any firearm will require contacting Miramichie, using their website to verify license of buyer and seller and to register the firearm. The BCWF has long opposed registering long guns.

Firearms use is already strictly regulated in Canada. The firearms community supports responsible ownership and use and is opposed to any level of firearms violence. Illegal firearms activities by organized crime is a problem which will not be solved by further regulating legal firearms use.

The BCWF’s Firearms and Recreational Sports Shooting committees are taking the lead in 2020 on the best strategies and direction to take on these challenges moving forward. Standing up for the rights of lawful firearms owners is a priority for your Federation.

We have written to the new Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair to offer feedback on areas related to gun safety and regulation. Minister Blair has heard that many of our members are concerned about the implementation of general firearms bans. The opposition parties have now assigned their critic portfolios. We are following up with Conservative public safety critic Glen Motz and NDP critic Jack Harris to highlight our membership’s concerns.

While the BCWF is 43,000 strong, we will also continue our coalition work with the hundreds of thousands of other sports shooting enthusiasts and firearms owners across Canada. We cannot address this threat to our existence without the help of our membership.

Please stay focused and join us in advocating for your rights in 2020.

For more information and to stay up to date about our Firearms Advocacy work visit our campaign page here

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