Photo Credit: Claudia Ferris

Your Firearms Rights

How Important are your firearms to you?

The BC Wildlife Federation Firearms and Recreational Sports Shooting Committees are asking you to stand up for your firearm rights. The committees have outlined several steps you can take to let Canadian Members of Parliament know why you don’t support firearms bans.

The minority federal government has promised to prohibit and confiscate semi-automatic long guns.  Firearms Committee Chair Gary Mauser, calls the buyback plan a “multi-billion-dollar boondoggle.”

How can you take action?

Use the BCWF template letter below and email Minister Blair, your MP, and opposition critics.

Letters are more powerful if you customize them with the reasons why your access to firearms is essential to your lifestyle and values. You can edit the letter below and customize it to your own experience.

We encourage our members to not just submit this electronic form, but to also print it out and mail it to your representatives. When addressing your own letter to the Minister please keep in mind:

  • Address Minister Blair with his official title – The Hon. Bill Blair, MP, Public Safety Minister
  • No postage is required for mailing MPs or Senators.
  • The address for MPs is House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6


Other ways you can support your firearms rights!

Meet with your Local MP

Follow your letter up with a meeting with your local MP for a more significant impact.

Speaking Points

The committees have prepared speaking notes around a number of issues to assist you to educate your MP. Whether it’s a proposed ban on long guns, or restrictions around transportation, your MP needs to hear from their constituents on the impact the new legislation will have.