2021 Summary of Firearms Policy of Federal Parties

Bill C-71 (an Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms)

Watch BCWF President and former Firearms Committee Chair Chuck Zuckerman provide his testimony on Bill C-71 to the Senate Standing Committee on National Security and Defence on April 1st, 2019.

Federal Parties

Does the party want to repeal Bill C-71?

Conservative Yes
Liberal No
Green No

The following is a summary of the firearm policy platforms of the 4 major federal political parties: 

The Conservative Party firearm policy platform: 

  • Repeal and replace Bill C-71
  • Repeal Bill C-21 and the May 2020 Order in Council
  • Significantly increase funding for border security
  • Review existing firearms legislation to ensure it focuses on dealing with criminals
  • Support common sense firearms policies

The Liberal Party of Canada firearm policy platform:

  • Support Bill C-71
  • Ensure stronger gun regulations
  • Banning of all military assault rifles (including the AR-15)
  • Introduction of a buyback program for legally purchased military-style assault rifles
  • Not bringing back the long-gun registry
  • Ensure the Canada Border Services Agency and Royal Canadian Mountain Police have the necessary resources to detect and stop the movement of guns at the borders
  • Valid fire-arms license for importing ammunition
  • Strengthen safe storage regulations
  • Issuing temporary suspension of a firearms license for individuals suspected of posing a threat to themselves or others
  • Providing a system for flagging bulk purchases of weapons
  • Strengthen penalties for individuals attempting to smuggle guns into Canada
  • Evaluate and change how firearms are marketed and advertised in Canada

The NDP firearm policy platform: 

  • Support Bill C-71
  • Create a balance for gun regulations to ensure responsible gun owners such as hunters and members of gun clubs can enjoy their sport responsibly
  • Ensure assault weapons and illegal handguns are kept off the streets
  • Support strong background checks for owning firearms, including individuals with firearm licenses to undergo background checks every five years
  • Want municipalities to have a stronger role for determining firearm ownership
  • Support the paper issuance of permits for individuals to move restricted firearms to gun shows

The Green Party firearm policy platform:

  • Support Bill C-71
  • If an individual has passed the RCMP required background checks, this individual should be allowed to own and use handguns at appropriate facilities
  • If an individual has passed the RCMP required background checks, this individual should be allowed to own and use semi-automatic rifles for hunting and at appropriate facilities
  • Will review the registry for restricted firearms in consultation with gun clubs, hunters and First Nations
  • Will work to ensure law-abiding citizens do not have their firearms confiscated and will work to establish safe and protected locations for target shooting to be practiced
  • Support the paper insurance of permits for gun shows
  • Support the five-year screening for individuals with firearm license

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