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Highway 37 Update – Access to Ealue Lake Road Restored

In 2016, BCWF gained an Interlocutory Injunction with Enforcement Order that prohibited any activity to prevent, restrict, impede or interfere with any person or vehicle in accessing or traveling on Ealue Lake Road.

The injunction and enforcement order, S-169073, at Ealue Lake Road (which leads to the Klappan) is still valid. If British Columbians would like to access the road they should contact the RCMP in Dease Lake ahead of time to notify them when you will be arriving at the Ealue Lake road and to accompany you in case anyone is at the gate. The contact number is (250) 771-4111.
There may be a lock on the gate; if there is a lock, removal will be up to you. The lock could be removed with a bolt cutter or grinder. Do not do more damage than necessary to gain access. The RCMP has agreed to supervise British Columbians opening the gate.
Additionally, it is possible there may be other obstructions on the road.
If you encounter any persons looking for a confrontation do not engage. Contact the Dease Lake RCMP immediately.
Please note this only applies to gate at the beginning of the Ealue Lake Road. Please print off and carry a copy of the injunction order with you. To access the injunction order, please click here.

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