Emergency order closes most streams in Region 8

On July 19, an emergency order was released which restricts stream fishing in Region 8:

Region 8 – No Fishing: All streams in M.U.s 8-1 to 8-15 and 8-21 to 8-23 are closed to angling from July 19 to September 15. This is in response to drought conditions creating high water temperatures and low water levels.

“While we all enjoy the opportunity to take our families fishing, conservation always comes first for the BCWF. The unprecedented drought we’re experiencing is threatening the fish stocks in our creeks and rivers with high water temperatures and low flows, and we’ve already had reports of dead and dying fish, particularly in the Kettle River system. We support these measures taken by our regional fisheries biologists to help reduce impacts on fish, and look forward to the end of this severe drought.” Pat Whittingham, Region 8 President. 

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