turtle in wetlands Photo by Stefanie Harron

Request for an Audit

The B.C. Wildlife Federation has written to the Auditor General of B.C. requesting an audit of BC Hydro’s Fish and Wildlife Compensation Programs (FWCP). BCWF wants to ensure that BC Hydro meets its mandate to compensate for the losses of fish and wildlife. To find out more, and to read the request for audit and BCWF’s recommendations, please click here.

The BC Hydro FWCP compensates for the impacts to fish, wildlife and their supporting habitats affected by BC Hydro owned and operated generation facilities. It operates in three regions across British Columbia. In the Columbia and Peace Regions, the FWCP operates to meet fish and wildlife conditions in BC Hydro’s water licences. In the Coastal Region, the FWCP’s work is a voluntary initiative.

The Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program is a partnership between BC Hydro, the Province, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, First Nations and public stakeholders to conserve and enhance fish and wildlife impacted by the construction of BC Hydro dams.

Do you want to know more about the BC Hydro Fish and Wildlife Compensation Programs? Read more –> https://fwcp.ca/

Photo by Stefanie Harron.

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