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Skagit Headwaters Saved from Logging

Skagit Headwaters Saved from Logging

The B.C. government has announced, effective immediately, BC Timber Sales will no longer award timber licenses in the Silverdaisy management area in the Skagit Headwaters, commonly known as the “Donut Hole”. The Skagit Headwaters is Saved from Logging. This ensures no additional commercial forest harvest will occur in this area.

“This is huge for conservationists and recreationalists on either side of the border. We commend the B.C. government for listening to our concerns. The protection of this area is important not just for the wilderness in British Columbia, but for the aquatic habitat downstream in Washington State,” said Bill Bosch, President of the BC Wildlife Federation.

The BCWF raised concern last year around plans to clear cut large areas of the unprotected “Donut Hole” of lands in the Skagit area, which are surrounded by parks and protected areas. Earlier this year, the BCWF joined more than 110 conservation and recreation groups to oppose the Imperial Metals mining permit for the Skagit Headwaters.

The Donut Hole area – is about 5,800 hectares and consists of lands removed from the original Skagit Valley Recreation Area in 1995, Skagit Provincial Forest and lands removed from E. C. Manning Park in 1968. Under the previous government, a timber sale licence was awarded for the Silverdaisy area in 2015, allowing commercial forest harvesting to occur in the area. With the announcement from the B.C. government, timber harvesting under this licence has now ended and no future licences will be awarded by BC Timber Sales.

We’d like to thank all those who voiced their concerns to the B.C. government. Your efforts were not in vain.

This initiative is part of our late Director of Strategic Initiatives, Al Martin’s legacy. Before his passing, Al worked hard with the group that lobbied the government to halt any further logging in this area.

Read the full government press release: Government advances protection for part of Skagit River Valley

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