The Young Conservationist Scholarship Program (YCSP) 2023-24

Since its inception in 2020, the YCSP has served as a critical platform for young environmentalists in grade 11 and below. The program has distributed $6,000 in scholarships over three cohorts, providing $1,500 to the winner and $500 to the runner-up annually. The YCSP has not only equipped participants with the necessary resources and knowledge for carrying out impactful conservation projects in their communities but also concluded each cohort with a conservation seminar. This seminar was instrumental in enhancing the students’ skills in project facilitation, further empowering them in their conservation efforts.  

As we conclude the final season of our Youth Conservation Scholarship Program (YCSP), the B.C. Wildlife Federation extends heartfelt gratitude to all the young individuals who have participated in this program. 

Continue reading to learn about the achievements of our 2023-24 Cohort Winner and Runner-Up, showcasing their commendable work! 

2023-24 YCSP Cohort Winner and Runner Up: 

Winner: Gurmehar 

Project Overview Gurmehar’s project was aimed at fostering environmental stewardship and raising awareness about climate change. His initiative involved the creation of educational materials and the facilitation of workshops in various schools throughout Surrey. 


Key Activities 

  • Developed educational pamphlets on climate change topics like ocean protection and rain gardens. 
  • Conducted interactive workshops for elementary students, with a special focus on salmon conservation. 
  • Reached approximately 60 youths and 100 households with educational resources. 
  • Collaborated with Cougar Creek Streamkeepers, receiving support and resources for his initiatives. 

Community Impact 

Gurmehar’s project significantly impacted students, educators, and his school’s Operation Green team through his organized, communicative, and comprehensive approach to environmental education. 

Runner Up: Tanroz 

Project Overview Tanroz’s project centered on the removal of invasive ivy and the replanting of native species in Cory Drive Park, Delta, complemented by educational outreach efforts. 


Key Activities 

  • Orchestrated ivy removal and native species replanting events. 
  • Conducted educational presentations on environmental sustainability for elementary students. 
  • Ensured ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the site to prevent invasive species resurgence. 
  • Led her school’s green team and engaged with community members, receiving support from Cougar Creek Streamkeepers. 


Tanroz was recognized for her organizational prowess, clear goal-setting, and effective leadership, thereby promoting environmental awareness and stewardship within her community. 

Program Conclusion 

As the Young Conservationist Scholarship Program concludes, the BCWF Youth Team strongly encourages young conservationists to continue their valuable environmental efforts. We are dedicated to supporting young environmentalists in a variety of roles. 

For those keen on furthering their journey in conservation and environmental advocacy, we invite you to explore our youth education programs at 

Discover more about the YCSP and its impact at 

We especially encourage youth to join our volunteer efforts, which is a significant way to make a difference. By volunteering with the BCWF, you can actively participate in conservation efforts and positively impact your community. Volunteering is not only a chance to contribute to meaningful environmental work but also an opportunity to develop skills, gain experience, and connect with like-minded individuals! Sign up to volunteer here: 





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