Becoming an Outdoors Woman

Learn outdoors skills at an all-inclusive getaway just for women

Are you a woman looking for an opportunity to learn outdoor skills in a relaxed non-competitive atmosphere? If so, the Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) program is just for you. BOW is an all-inclusive weekend getaway that offers outdoor recreation courses, like fishing, hunting and shooting, just for women.

2023 Registration Coming Soon for:

Prince George – May 12 – 14 at Ness Lake Bible Camp

Lake Country – June 2 – 4 at Camp Winfield

Squamish – Sept 22 – 24 at Evans Lake Forest Education Society

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The Experience

Each BOW workshop offers a variety of outdoor related educational workshops for participants to select from in each of three areas: shooting and hunting, angling, and outdoor recreation.

During the two day course, BOW participants will attend four hands-on courses of their choice, taught by qualified instructors. All the courses offered are conducted in a way to ensure participants have a safe, fun and educational experience.

The BOW course includes accommodations, meals and equipment for the courses.

Workshops may include:

Trap Shooting

Enjoy the thrill of breaking your first clay target and watch it turn to dust! This exciting hands-on course, specifically for beginners, will also challenge participants with limited shooting experience. A fun and rewarding course that will help give you self-confidence in your ability to shoot. Topics covered will include safe handling of shotguns, how to hold a shotgun, track a clay target and hit it.

.22 Marksmanship/Rifle

Learn the fundamental skills in handling rifles safely, rifle actions and shooting for target and sport. How to position the firearm, sight your target, and trigger control & breathing that will help build your confidence and success in hitting your target. You will have lots of opportunity to try your new skills!

Pistol Shooting

Learn the fundamental skills in handling pistols safety, pistol actions, and shooting for target & sport. How to position the firearm, sight your target, trigger control & breathing that will help build your confidence and success in hitting your target. You will have lots of opportunity to try your new skills!


This course will teach you about basic, simple archery equipment, safety and form to start you on your way into the exciting world of archery. There will also be a demonstration of some higher-tech, more-involved equipment and a short seminar on the basics of bow hunting. You will get lots of practice!


You are the Outdoors Woman with your camera in your hand. There are memories in front of you, views all around you, and you want to capture them to share and remember forever! Here is a course to help you understand your camera and how to take memorable photos that you, your family and friends will enjoy.

Wilderness Survival/ First Aid

This course is designed to meet the needs of those going into the backcountry either for a short walk or an extended period of time. Discuss the importance of pre-planning your outing. Will include hands-on survival demonstrations such as fire building, shelter building and emergency first-aid.

Chainsaw/ Ax Handling

Learn how to operate a chainsaw and use an ax safely; and how to maintain these tools. Learn to build a fire in any situation.

Basic Angling

“To Catch a Fish” – Learn how to participate and enjoy Canada’s favourite outdoor sport. Learn the basic methods of freshwater angling. What to have in your tackle box, angling ethics and conservation practices. Learn tips and techniques to help catch the big one.

Hunting & Game Care

Learn about hunting, enhance your outdoor skills, where to start with field dressing, handling and care.

Meal Dehydration

Learn how to preserve foods by dehydration; make snacks and meals, great for hiking or camping.

Fly Casting

Learn the basic principles and fundamentals of fly casting for beginners.

Cowboy Action Shooting

An opportunity to shoot multiple firearms in Mission’s Old West Town, guided by cowboys and cowgirls in period clothing.


A short classroom session on equipment, safety, and planning. Practical session is held nearby for instruction on the water. Instructors will share their experiences on how to prepare for multi-day trips.

Beginner's Trapping

Learn the tools of the trade with demonstrations. Includes construction or simple sets; hopefully skinning demonstrations with student participation encouraged in this exciting hands-on course.

Truck & Trailer

Learn to drive with a trailer attached to your vehicle. Learn proper backing up procedures and how to properly maneuver a trailer into a parking spot, boat launch, etc.


An outdoor recreational activity in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, at specific locations marked by coordinates.

Explore Wetlands by GPS

Join us on an exploration into one of the richest ecosystems in the province – wetlands. Learn cool facts to impress your partners, friends, or gross out your kids. In this session BCWF wetlands staff will introduce you to the basics of wetlands (so you can talk to your neighbourhood scientist) while providing some interesting nuggets of information (so you’re the life of your next dinner party). At the same time learn how to use Global Positioning Systems (GPS) units through a geocaching adventure. GPS training will include compass use, making points, and tracks.

Build a Bird house

Build a Birdhouse for interior decor or to attract birds to your yard or garden.

Back to Nature/ Down to Earth Self-Care

Be in nature, connect with mother-earth, reduce stress, find clarity and refresh your mind. Good self-care is a key to reducing anxiety and cultivating a good relationship with oneself.

Forest/Bird Bathing

Engage your senses, smell the forest, feel the bark, feel the breeze on your face and focus on listening to different bird songs. Emphasis on enjoying the sound and listening to the birds and oneself. De-stress your life listening to nature’s musicians.