Southern Interior Mule Deer Update: March 2020

Doe O18013 was captured and collared on December 7, 2018, and died March 6, 2020. At capture, she weighed 87.1 kg and was estimated to be approximately five years old.

She was the second-longest migrator we have captured throughout the project. Watch the video of her return from summer range to winter range in 2019, up to March 6, 2020. She was found dead with no obvious cause of mortality. A field necropsy revealed lungs which appeared to be compromised.

During the necropsy, it was found the doe’s right front proximal phalanx was previously broken but had fused back together. Samples of the lungs were sent to the animal health center in Abbotsford, and the ultimate cause of death was determined to be pneumonia.

Watch the migration video below:

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