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Classroom Education

BCWF school programs

Conservation education and outdoor skills for young stewards

Do your students know the 3 Ts of staying safe outdoors? How about what they should do if they get lost in the woods?

We offer all sorts of programs for schools and groups that educate children of all ages about BC’s fish, wildlife and their habitats. We also offer courses that teach children how to be safe and prepared when exploring the great outdoors!

We wholeheartedly believe that every youth has the right to outdoor and conservation education. Should schools or community groups have issues with affording our rates, please send us an email explaining your situation and we may be able to negotiate a lower rate. Please note all funds from our classroom education programs go toward funding our Wetland and Youth conservation initiatives including subsidies for camper registrations and restoring wetland habitat.

Outdoor education and skills

Survive Outside

Ages 9-17 | 45-60 minutes | Free (+ Travel Cost)

Learn the 3 Ts of staying safe outdoors: Trip-planning, Training, and Taking the essentials. Survive Outside teaches students what they need to know before going off on outdoor adventures and how to be prepared during emergencies. (Presentation only – no practical skills taught.)

Hug-a-Tree and Survive

Ages 6-13 | 30-45 minutes | Free (+ Travel Cost)

What do you do if you get lost in the wood? Hug-a-Tree and Survive teaches students that staying put and making yourself safe and visible is the best thing to do if they get lost in the woods. (Presentation only – no practical skills taught.)


Ages 9-17 | 1-2 Hours | $10-$15 per student (negotiable)

Want to learn and put into practice what you learned in Survive Outside and Hug-a-Tree? BCWF+ teaches students the skills outlined in the Survive Outside and Hug-a-Tree. Potential skill lessons include: fire-building, shelter building, first aid, orienteering (compasses and map reading), backpacking theory, knots and more. Teachers can choose skills and customize their lesson plan for their class.

National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP)

Ages 10 -17 | 1-2 Hours | $6-$25 /student per class (negotiable)

Are you ready to learn international-style archery? NASP offers introductory archery lessons that teach students archery safety, technique, and theory. NASP has taught millions of students from around the world since 2002 and has maintained a flawless safety record. Based on a 2017 NASP USA survey, archery was determined to be one of safest sports taught in schools, second only to table tennis. Classes are taught by NASP certified Basic Archery Instructors. Three classes are recommended.

Wildlife and resource management

Wetlands Classroom Education

Ages 5-17 | 1-3 hours | $50/hour

Wetlands are unique ecosystems consisting of squishy soil, beautiful plants, and charismatic animals like the Western Toad. They are fantastic places to explore and learn, but sadly not everyone has a wetland in their backyard. Let us bring the wetland to you! BCWF staff will visit your classroom and educate children through hands-on activities and presentations to bring awareness to these often-misunderstood systems that are disappearing from the landscape. Some activities include: Introduction to Wetlands, Aquatic Invertebrates of BC, and BC Wetland Mammals.

Contact us for school visit inquiries.

Fire management

Ages 9-17 | 30-60 minutes | $10/student

Why have there been so many fires in BC? Learn what causes wildfires and whether we should fight all fires or let some run their course.


Age 9-17 | 30-60 minutes | $10/student

Cervids is the scientific name for the deer family (e.g. deer, moose, elk, and caribou). Learn how to ID cervids, where to find them, and how to do cervid calls.

Fishing 101

Ages 9-17 |45 -60 minutes | $10/student

The BCWF offers an in depth look at fishing. Students will learn the theory behind the different types of recreational fishing – from spin cast to fly fishing. Students will also learn about fish anatomy, habitat and how to ID different BC fish.


Ages 9-17 | 30-60 minutes | $10/student

Waterfowl have a long history that has positively affected conservation policies across North America. Learn what waterfowl are, the history of waterfowl hunting and conservation, how to identify waterfowl from other birds and how to do waterfowl calls.

Are we losing what makes BC beautiful?

Ages 12-17 | 45-60 minutes | $10/student

It may say “Beautiful British Columbia” on our license plates but are we losing what make BC beautiful? Learn about the shifting baselines of BC’s wildlife resources and how BC compares to wildlife advocacy and management compared to other provinces and states.