2021 Federal Election

Canadian biodiversity and natural resources are being depleted to historic lows. Unless the national and provincial governments manage wildlife, fish and habitats more sustainably, Canadians’ natural wealth and heritage will not survive for future generations. British Columbia faces diminishing fish and wildlife populations with iconic species at risk of extinction and key watersheds and habitats in peril. The B.C. Wildlife Federation is offering the future federal government recommendations built on decades of on-the-ground experience and scientific support.

In anticipation of the federal election on September 20, 2021, the B.C. Wildlife Federation has drafted BCWF candidate questions about issues important to our members and a summary of Firearms Positions of Major Federal Parties 2021.

The BCWF is a non-partisan, charitable, conservation organization which does not endorse any political party or candidate. We are seeking answers to our questions and policy statements from four major political parties to identify and communicate alignment with our 43,000 members’ values over the upcoming federal election campaign.

Many thanks to the BCWF committees and executives who contributed to the development of the questions. Our members can also ask their local member of parliament candidates about their interest areas.

How you can get involved:

Federal Party Platforms:

Green Party of Canada 

Liberal Party of Canada 

New Democratic Party (NDP) of Canada 

Conservative Party of Canada

Answers Provided by 4 Major Federal Parties

The BCWF has sent 4 federal parties the BCWF 2021 calls-to-action and candidate questions and will post their 2021 answers in the order we receive them. Meanwhile, below are the 2019 answers provided by 4 major federal parties: