Wetlands Education Program participants, Whistler BC 2023

Wetlands Institute

Take Your Wetland Stewardship Skills to the Next Level

The Wetlands Institute is a week-long boot camp for people with a watershed project they want to pursue in their community. The BCWF offers this course, valued at over $1,000, for free to qualified applicants from B.C.

Our experts offer hands-on training in planning, design, and restoration work to facilitate the recovery and enhancement of wetlands throughout the project. Each year, a different host community is chosen for the workshop and the program is tailored to feature local restoration sites, experts, and First Nations communities.

We are excited to bring the Wetlands Institute to the Thompson Nicola region in 2023. Apply today to gain the skills, support, and confidence you need to make a difference in the world of wetland conservation!

Workshop Information

The Wetlands Institute is facilitated annually over a 7-day period in September. The hands-on workshop teaches practical field skills in wetland stewardship, restoration, and construction, including but not limited to:


  • Up-to-date field techniques
  • Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into your project
  • Inventorying wetlands data
  • Testing water quality
  • Wetland mapping
  • Soil sampling
  • Restoring or enhancing wetland site(s)
  • Invasive species identification and management

During the workshop, participants receive support from knowledgeable experts and obtain hands-on training to successfully implement their wetland projects in their community. After the workshop, participants are eligible to receive a certificate of completion. Many participants have used this as continuing education credits for professional designations.

Eligibility to Apply

In order to join the Wetlands Institute, participants need to apply using the details of a wetland project or program that they will to implement in their community, or have a high propensity to initiate a project/program in the future Generally, the workshop is suitable for:


  • Consultants
  • Community planners
  • Environmental/conservation groups
  • First Nations technicians and/or guardians
  • Government representatives
  • Biologists or environmental scientists

Applications will open in spring of 2023; there are only seats for 25 participants. Prospective participants  are encouraged to apply early as applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

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