Defend the Heart of the Fraser

A fishery in decline

Protecting crucial white sturgeon and salmonid habitat

Fish from the mighty Fraser River have fed Indigenous peoples for many millennia. But in recent generations, the once abundant fishery is in decline as human activity and development around the river increase.

Herrling and Carey Island are two of five mid-river major island complexes left in gravel component if the Fraser River between Mission and Hope. This stretch of gravel is crucial habitat for white sturgeon, and chinook, chum, pink, and other salmonids. The islands and side channels in the Heart of the Fraser are home to a myriad of fish throughout the year and provide essential spawning, rearing, and migratory habitats. And now, the fish are under more pressure from rapid agricultural development.

The BCWF is concerned about two bridges proposed for side-channel crossing to Carey and Herrling Island. The construction and footprints of these bridges could negatively impact white sturgeon spawning and incubation areas and damage juvenile and adult salmonid spawning and rearing habitats.

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Photo: Jessica VanIerland

Take action

The BCWF and other conservation partners have formed a coalition to save the threatened Heart of the Fraser with provincial ministry responsible.

If you want to help save habitat in the Heart of the Fraser, please consider signing the petition and speaking with your MLA.