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Working together for conservation

Our origins date back to the 1890s, when volunteer conservationists established fish and game protective associations that formed the basis of some of our current member clubs.

In those days, British Columbia’s fish and wildlife management fell under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Government’s Chief Game Warden, but conservation was very much a cooperative affair with the clubs. This tradition of collaboration continued throughout the decades, with Provincial agencies and volunteer conservationists working together for the benefit of the greater community. The BC Wildlife Federation incorporated under the BC Societies act in 1951, and became a registered charity in 1969. Today, the Federation is British Columbia’s leading conservation organization.


Who are the BC Wildlife Federation’s members?

The BCWF membership is made up of 43,000 outdoor enthusiasts from ten regions of the province, who hunt, fish, camp, hike and spend time outside with their families. There are one hundred BCWF-affiliated fish and game protective associations and rod and gun clubs, making up about 80 percent of the total membership.

What does the BC Wildlife Federation do?

The BC Wildlife Federation mission is to protect, enhance and promote the wise use of the environment for present and future generations.
The BCWF has a mandate to:

  • Consult with all levels of government
  • Provide outdoor education and conservation expertise
  • Lead outreach activities promoting British Columbia’s outdoor heritage
  • Advocate for science-based fish and wildlife conservation and management
  • Defend access to public resources
What percentage of charitable donations goes directly to conservation projects?

Charitable donations go directly to the BCWF conservation and education programs. Thirteen percent of the BCWF revenue from member fees, sponsorship and donations go to the costs to administer the business of the organization. Member fees make up 37 percent of Federation revenue. BCWF Service Expenses:

  • 51% Conservation and Education Programs
  • 26% Membership Services, Meetings and Convention
  • 13% Administration and General
  • 10% Political Advocacy
What is the governance structure of the BC Wildlife Federation?

The BCWF is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the membership, made up of:

  • Eight Directors
  • Five Executive Committee; President, Two Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Past President
  • Ten Regional Presidents

The BCWF Board of Directors meets in person four times a year. The daily business of the organization is overseen by the Executive Committee, which includes staff and contract Directors of Corporate Operations, Strategic Initiatives and Fish and Wildlife Restoration.

Club and Region delegates to the BCWF AGM and Convention help to direct the work of the Board and Committees through the submission of resolutions, which are debated and voted upon democratically. Board members Chair the various BCWF Committees, whose work is supported by the staff, Board of Directors and members.

What are the BC Wildlife Federation’s current priorities?

The BCWF 2017-2022 Strategic Plan outlines its business priorities:

  • Sustainability of fish and wildlife resources and their habitats
  • Ensure public access to recreational and outdoor activities, fish and wildlife resources and crown land
  • Provide science/fact-based solutions for its members and other stakeholders in B.C
  • Sustainability of firearms and recreational sport shooting pursuits
  • A financially sustainable organization that serves its members
Do I need to complete the CORE Program if I completed a hunter education program outside of BC?

No. Individuals who have completed a hunter education program from another province or territory of Canada, or a state of the United States of America, are exempt from the requirement to complete the CORE Program. Contact a Service BC Centre for more details on program exemption.