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Directors & Regional Presidents

Board of Directors


Chuck Zuckerman, President


Chuck Zuckerman has been a member of the BCWF since 1977. Chuck has experience teaching at Simon Fraser University and developing Safety Training programs in his forty years as a Business Agent. Chuck values the family of dedicated staff and Board Members who volunteer countless hours for our members and conservation initiatives. He appreciates the cooperation and dedication of the members and staff of the BCWF to face and overcome numerous challenges. Chuck has been hunting since he was 10 years old and has passed down this way of life to his children and grandchildren. In the future, he hopes to preserve the beauty of B.C. by putting more animals on the landscape, more fish in the waters, and more birds in the air, by protecting habitats and teaching safe firearm ownership and use.

David Lewis, Vice President

As a longtime hunter and angler, David Lewis wanted to ensure that future generations have the same access to fish and wildlife that we have today. David joined the BCWF 15 years ago through his gun club when he moved to B.C. He moved up through the organization as he felt compelled to give back to his community. David is heavily involved in the conservation community and is a part of the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, the Provincial Angling Advisory Team, the Skeena Angling Advisory Team, the Northwest Fish & Wildlife Conservation Association, and more.   

Mark McDonald, Vice President

Mark McDonald has been a hunter and fisherman all his life and grew up hunting waterfowl and fishing on the Lower Fraser River. As the immediate past president of the Lower Mainland Region of the BCWF, Mark is a Life Member and has been involved with the board for over 25 years. With the values of conservation and generosity passed down by his parents, Mark now sits on the Lower Mainland Regional board along with his son. Mark also takes part in beach and wetland cleanups and has been mentoring youth through the Delta Ladner Rod & Gun Club’s youth program for over 25 years, alongside many other conservation initiatives. Mark is proud to be a part of the largest voice in B.C. for resident hunters and anglers and is an advocate for future generations at the BCWF.

Jeff Ayre, Treasurer


Jeff Ayre’s passion for wildlife, hunting, and the great outdoors compelled him to volunteer for the BCWF through his gun club in 2012. Realizing that the steady erosion of the health of our natural wildlife resources needs to be stopped through human intervention, he began working for land and ocean conservation. Jeff works for the BCWF to improve how we manage our natural wildlife resources so that these resources are available to future generations. Some of Jeff’s most memorable experiences with wildlife are when he came upon a herd of wild horses in the Chilcotin and when he encountered a grizzly and her cubs on a trail. Outside of the BCWF, Jeff is involved with the Squamish Valley Rod & Gun Club, and other sports clubs. 

Bill Bosch, Past President

Bill Bosch is from Kelowna and has proudly served as president of the B.C. Wildlife Federation for  two terms. Bill has a lengthy background of volunteer leadership with the BCWF. He is past president and treasurer of the BCWF, is past regional president and was an Oceola Club executive member for 22 years. He is the past chair of the B.C. Conservation Foundation and has been involved with the Canadian Wildlife Federation.


Rob Chipman

Rop Chipman has hunted, fished, camped, and generally enjoyed the outdoors from his early childhood, and has been a member of the BCWF on and off throughout that period.  Today, he enjoys hunting and fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and boating throughout B.C. He has a special love for October and November moose hunting – something he was exposed to with his dad more than half a century ago. After more than three decades in the real estate industry, Rob wanted to give back to his community by working to conserve fish, wildlife and habitat for future generations so he began volunteering with the BCWF.  He volunteers because he believes BCWF is the last best hope to preserve our hunting, angling and outdoor heritage. 

Darlene Clark

Darlene Clark values being a voice for the hunters and anglers of B.C. She was introduced to hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities by her husband and enjoys camping, fishing, hunting, and appreciating everything nature has to offer. In addition to being a director of the BCWF, she is committed to maintaining and improving the CORE program as the Committee Chair. Currently, Darlene is the president of the Alberni Fish and Game Club, President of the Vancouver Island Trappers Association, a Director with the BC Trappers Association, and she sits on the Vancouver Island Regional Wildlife Regulations committee as a region representative.

Alan Dabb

Alan Dabb has been a member of the BCWF for as long as he can remember, and a Life Member for the past few years. Alan believes that the BCWF is the organization best positioned to advance the interests of hunters, anglers, conservationists and outdoor recreationalists. As an avid big game hunter, Alan has hunted in every region of B.C., as well as in Europe and Africa. This love of hunting and angling was passed down from his father, and his brother, sister, and wife are also outdoors enthusiasts. Alan is involved with the Wild Sheep Society of BC, the Wild Sheep Foundation, the Wildlife Records Club of British Columbia, Safari Club International, and the Parksville Qualicum Fish & Game Club. 

Charla Gaudet

Charla Gaudet values the conservation of our environment and enjoys being surrounded by a team of likeminded people who work towards a sustainable future for the fish, wildlife and habitat in B.C. She says witnessing changing climate patterns and wildlife numbers through extensive time spent exploring the outdoors is her reason for volunteering for conservation. Charla describes watching caribou roam across the tundra in Nunavut and encountering 12 grizzlies in Alaska on a hiking trip as some of her most notable experiences with wildlife. As an active member of her community, Charla volunteers with the BHA (Backcountry Hunters and Anglers) and Wildsight.

Brad Klock

Brad Klock grew up on Vancouver Island, fishing the Stamp River for steelhead. Now living in B.C.’s beautiful Southern Interior, he hunts over 40 days a year, many of those with his Deutsch Drahthaar gundog “Gunnar”. By day, Brad is the CEO of a leading Canadian biotech company specializing in hydrocarbon remediation and plant growth promotion and brings to BCWF a deep background in corporate structure, development, and governance. Brad chairs both the BCWF Strategic Planning Committee and Revenue & Partnership Committee and sits on both the Governance & Indigenous Relations Committees.

Mike Langegger

Mike Langegger has been an active member of the BCWF for over two decades. He joined to give back and conserve B.C.’s fish, wildlife, and habitat that has provided so much for his family over the generations. Mike believes our access to sustainable fish and wildlife allows us to connect with nature, gives us sustenance, and provides a cornerstone that fosters and nurtures familial bonds and friendships. Outside of the BCWF, Mike is an active member of the Kitimat Rod and Gun Association, sits on several fish and wildlife consultation groups with the Province, and was President of Skeena Region. Additionally, he is an active member of the BCWF’s Wildlife Allocation Committee and a supporter of numerous conservation projects. 

Jenny Ly

Jenny Ly heeded the call of her inner wild and ventured into hunting and gathering. However, she soon realized that many of B.C.’s wild places weren’t so wild and required immediate attention. Jenny joined the BCWF five years ago when she got her PAL and is hopeful that the work the BCWF does will keep B.C.’s wild places wild for future generations to enjoy. To Jenny, conservation starts with a community. She is passionate about connecting people and encouraging collaboration through events, partnerships and other creative mediums. Jenny has been an active volunteer for BC Hunters and Anglers for five years, organizing educational events, meet-ups and social media management. 

David Oliver

David Oliver first joined the BCWF in 1983 through the Ridgedale Rod & Gun Club. After becoming a Life Member in 1985, David became a Director and worked to keep duck hunting open on farmland. Attending a Ducks Unlimited committee fundraiser was what initially sparked his interest in conservation, and he is now a committee member and works to raise money for Ducks Unlimited projects. In addition to hunting and fishing in his spare time, David works as the committee chairperson for the BCWF Fishing Forever program and greatly enjoys seeing the smiles on the faces of all the participants at the events. David is also a Life Member at the Ridgedale Rod & Gun Club, and a part of the Canal Flats Wilderness Club and Quad Riders Association of British Columbia.

Regional Presidents

Region 1 - Vancouver Island: Doug Kitts

Doug Kitts is a keen supporter of the B.C. Wildlife Federation. He holds a degree in Geography, with Climatology and Geology, was a canoe tripper for 10 years in Algonquin Park, and has been involved with fly fishing for the past 40 years. As an avid hunter, Doug is heavily involved in his community and is an executive or member of many outdoors clubs. 

Region 2 - Lower Mainland: Ed George

Ed George has a number of years of experience with BCWF’s groups and committees such as the Wildlife Allocation Policy, Tidal Fisheries committee, and was a founding member of the BCWF Sports Shooting Committee. He received the Bill Ottway award for the most effective Regional President in 2009. Ed has also been involved with the Southern Inland Fisheries and the Nicomekl Enhancement Society (N.E.S.), a BCWF-affiliated club. He then became chair of the Lower Fraser Valley Sport Fishing Advisory Committee (SFAC). As chair of the SFAC, Ed sat on the South Coast Sports Fishing Advisory Board, as well as the Chinook Coho, Sockeye, Pink and Chum working group.

Region 3 - Thompson-Nicola: Bruce Ambler
Region 4E - Kootenay East: Glenn Flynn

Glenn Flynn has been an avid hunter and fisherman for over 40 years. In this time, he witnessed such a dramatic downturn in wildlife population numbers that he decided to join the conversation community to make change. He joined his local rod and gun club about seven years ago and then became the president of the BCWF’s East Kootenays Regional Chapter. Sitting on the Board of Directors for the BCWF with fellow Regional Presidents and a very knowledgeable and passionate group of directors has been extremely informative and enjoyable for Glenn. He is inspired by the dedication and commitment from BCWF members in the local clubs, and he looks forward to a long and productive relationship with the BCWF.   

Region 4W - Kootenay West: Terry Hanik

Terry Hanik loves the outdoors and holds a great appreciation for wildlife, leading to his decision to join the BCWF as a board member. Alongside his family, Terry enjoys hunting and fishing. Terry has been President of the Trail Wildlife Association for 21 years and he is also the President of the West Kootenay Outdoorsmen. 

Region 5 - Cariboo-Chilcotin: Mike Fowler

Michael Fowler first became involved with the BCWF when his gun club was looking for additional CORE examiners. He became Vice-President, and then President of Region 5 within three years of first joining the BCWF and then filled the region’s seat at the North Coast Sport Fishing Advisory Committee. After a break from 2010-2015 to focus on his studies, he was re-elected Regional Vice-President, and then Regional President. In 2021, Michael was proud to get a Region 5 representative on the Cariboo Regional Angling Advisory Committee and was appointed to the Pacific Salmon Commission’s Northern Panel. 

Region 6 - Skeena: David Lewis

As a longtime hunter and angler, David Lewis wants to ensure that future generations have the same access to fish and wildlife that we have today. David joined the BCWF 15 years ago through his gun club when he moved to B.C. He moved up through the organization as he felt compelled to give back to his community. David is heavily involved in the conservation community and is a part of the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, the Provincial Angling Advisory Team, the Skeena Angling Advisory Team, the Northwest Fish & Wildlife Conservation Association, and more.   

Region 7A - Omineca: Vacant
Region 7B - Peace: Gerry Paille

Gerry Paille is a retired educator and a long-time resident of Fort St. John, BC. He has been a volunteer for the B.C. Wildlife Federation for more than three decades serving on regional and provincial wildlife and allocation committees as well as on the board of directors for the Peace-Liard Region of the BCWF and the North Peace Rod and Gun Club. Gerry is currently the chair of the BCWF’s Wildlife and Allocation Committee and president of BCWF Region 7B, Peace-Liard. The BCWF twice recognized Gerry as the most effective regional president and also for his work with then BCWF President John Holdstock in establishing the first BCWF website in the late 1990s.

Region 8 - Okanagan: Nick Kozub

Our Regions across the Province

Representing our policies and positions

Regional presidents are a valuable resource for members and clubs to better understand the initiatives that are led by the B.C. Wildlife Federation. The regional presidents represent Federation policies and positions on various standing or special government advisory committees and they address key issues that directly impact their region.