Photo: Anthony Bucci

Wilderness Watch

Protecting diverse wildlife and pristine habitats

How you can help

The Wilderness Watch program provides the extra eyes and ears needed to ensure the protection of our diverse wildlife and pristine natural habitats that make our province special. Wilderness Watch volunteers visit areas used for outdoor recreational activities and report to the Conservation Officer Service or RCMP on any environmental infractions they may see, such as fishing and wildlife poaching, pollution and vandalism.

About the program

The Wilderness Watch Program utilizes the help of 136 volunteers from all over British Columbia to patrol rural areas within their region and address issues that affect the welfare of animals and wildlife.

This province-wide program is coordinated through the BCWF provincial office with BCWF volunteers who regularly conduct patrols of designated areas within or in close proximity to their community. Wilderness Watch members do not have the power to confront or apprehend violators beyond those of any other citizen; rather, they are the extra eyes and ears needed by resource agencies.

Duties of Wilderness Watch members

  • Always be observant
  • Keep a reporting pad and notebook readily available
  • Be helpful to individuals who may require information or assistance
  • Cooperate with all enforcement personnel
  • Know the rules and regulations
  • Do not put yourself in harm’s way; avoid confrontation

Become a Wilderness Watch member

For more information about the Wilderness Watch program, please contact our programs team at or by phone 604-882-9988. To start or participate in a Wilderness Watch Program in your area, please contact Wilderness Watch Provincial Coordinator, Jim Helsdon or phone 604-882-9988.