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Regional Initiatives

Our Regions across the Province

Representing our policies and positions

Regional presidents are a valuable resource for members and clubs to better understand the initiatives that are led by the B.C. Wildlife Federation. The regional presidents represent Federation policies and positions on various standing or special government advisory committees and they address key issues that directly impact their region.

Keep up to date with the pressing issues in your region with our Regional Roundups. These reports provide an overview of the major projects, initiatives and conservation issues that are happening in the regions across British Columbia.

Regional Presidents

  • Region 1 - Vancouver Island: Doug Kitts

  • Region 2 - Lower Mainland: Mark McDonald

  • Region 3 - Thompson-Nicola: Bruce Ambler

  • Region 4E - Kootenay East: Glenn Flynn

  • Region 4W - Kootenay West: Wally Kampen

  • Region 5 - Cariboo-Chilcotin: Mike Fowler

  • Region 6 - Skeena: David Lewis

  • Region 7A - Omineca: vacant

  • Region 7B - Peace: Gerry Paille

  • Region 8 - Okanagan: Pat Whittingham