Fish Habitat Education and Restoration Initiative

Reel Fishing & Planting Workshop

A unique approach to angling

Reel Fishing is a unique fishing workshop in BC that combines hands-on conservation, habitat restoration with fishing experience.

Reel Fishing is B.C. Wildlife Federation’s approach to providing an informative fishing workshop, while keeping conservation in its core. During this workshop, you will gain valuable knowledge that will make you a respectful and more confident angler. All fishing and restoration equipment will be provided during this 2-day workshop; all you need is a packed lunch and your fishing license.

Topics we will cover during this workshop include:

Before you buy:

  • Choosing the right fishing rod
  • Choosing the right fishing reel
  • Different fishing setups
  • What lures and bait work best, where?

While you’re out on the water:

  • River etiquette towards anglers
  • River etiquette towards the environment
  • How to read the water and find more fish
  • Proper fish handling and fish ID


  • The importance of looking after our streams
  • Hands-on fish habitat restoration; planting native plant species, invasive plant species removal, fish release, fish counting, etc.


  • Set up your own rod
  • Hours of hands-on fishing
  • Boat safety
  • Angling from a boat

Available Workshops

All our workshops have been postponed until further notice.


Juvenile Sturgeon Conservation Workshop

This engaging juvenile sturgeon conservation workshop provides participants with hands-on experience learning and discovering more about conservation concerns related to North America’s largest freshwater species, white sturgeon. During this workshop participants will have the opportunity to catch, land, record and release these fish in partnership with the Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association.

This unique and engaging conservation workshop aims to connect the general public to sturgeon conservation and the Heart of the Fraser in an exciting, educational and engaging manner.


Photo Credit: FVAGA

Workshop Details

Day One of Workshop:
Participants meet at a sturgeon rearing habitat along the lower Fraser River. Participants will be engaging in a nature walk and talk with experts in the field of sturgeon conservation such as Dr. Rosenau. This walk is then followed up with a short film introduction to ‘The Heart of the Fraser’. The first day of the workshop will take about 2.5 to 3 hours and is completely outdoors.

Day Two of Workshop:
Participants will meet at either the Fort Langley boat launch or the Mission boat launch. Here you will take part in a full day (8-9hr) juvenile sturgeon recording session with professional guides from the Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association. These guides have volunteered their time and knowledge to provide you with the ability to take part in an important multi-year juvenile sturgeon research project on the Mighty Fraser River.


These workshops are made possible through the contributions of our sponsors.