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Prepare for CORE

You can prepare to take their CORE exam by studying online via the Online Hunter Education Course offered in partnership with

You are able to learn everything they need to know to complete your CORE exam through a series of online modules featuring custom narration, animations and interactive learning.

Bear Aware & Wildlife Defence Course

Provided by Silvercore Advanced Training Systems

This online course is a must for the professional working in bear territory or the outdoor enthusiast wishing to gain an intimate perspective of what is necessary to avoid and prevent a predatory animal attack.

As hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts, it is essential to be knowledgeable in bear defense in order to be safe when enjoying the outdoors.

Take your boater exam

You can take your Canada Boater Exam online and get certified today! The BCWF has partnered with, Transport Canada Approved Boating Safety Course for the Pleasure Craft Operator Card.