Ms. Alexandra Morton

Alexandra Morton is an independent biologist based in the Broughton Archipelago since 1984.  Initially studying orca, Morton’s research turned to the impact of salmon farms in 1995.  She discovered the sea louse outbreaks on juvenile wild salmon near salmon farms and published the 1st paper on the virus PRV in farm salmon in 2013.  When management actions to protect wild salmon were insufficient, Morton filed 5 lawsuits and won 4.  She established the Salmon Coast Field Station in the Broughton, has been featured on 60-Minutes, published 5 books, delivered talk at TEDx Seattle in 2019 and now sits on the Minister of Fisheries Fish Health Committee. Alexandra is very concerned about the extinction trend in many wild salmon stocks and believes the genomic science being developed in DFO is a powerful tool that should be applied because it allows salmon to tell us where and how we are hurting them by reading their immune systems.  With this knowledge we could restore wild salmon.

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