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Protect the Skagit Headwaters from Mining

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Save the Skagit Headwaters!

The BC Wildlife Federation has joined more than 110 conservation and recreation groups to oppose the Imperial Metals mining permit for the Skagit Headwaters. The BCWF raised concern last year around plans to clear cut large areas of an unprotected “donut hole” of lands in the Skagit area, which are surrounded by parks and protected areas.

The Imperial Metals’ proposal to drill in the Skagit headwaters should be denied and the BC government in partnership with First Nations should protect these lands for wildlife, clean water and the enjoyment of all British Columbians.

“The protection of this area is important not just for the wilderness in British Columbia, but for the aquatic habitat downstream in Washington State. Now is the opportunity to connect this wilderness of international importance that has been delayed for too long,” Bill Bosch, BC Wildlife Federation President.

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