Protect the Future of Hunting in B.C.

Protect the Future of Hunting in B.C.

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Over the past month, the anti-hunting movement has attracted headlines across the province. Now that grizzly bear hunting is closed, anti-hunting organizations are looking to close black bear, cougar and wolf hunting across the province. We expect this movement will continue to sheep and goat hunting as well as catch-and-release fishing. Some in the anti-hunting movement have recently suggested all hunting should be closed.

Hunters have historically been among the strongest advocates for wildlife. The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, widely recognized as the most successful model, was created by hunters and depends on them for its success. The future of conservation and hunting in British Columbia is at risk.

Recently, the BCWF has been in the media opposing the misinformed rhetoric villainizing hunters but more work needs to be done. The collection of interviews and articles can be found below.
The B.C. Wildlife Federation is working with the Wild Sheep Society of BC and other organizations to take a stand and fight back against the anti-hunting movement and we need your help. Our plan is to deliver at least 25,000 letters to the B.C. legislature by June.

Please stand up for what you believe in by completing the letter below to your MLA, the Premier, Minister of Forest Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development as well as the Minister of State for Lands and Natural Resource Operations to let our elected officials know how important conservation and hunting are in B.C. We also encourage you to meet with your MLA to explain who you are, why you care and why you hunt. Here are two videos to help you organize and conduct your first meeting.

Studies & Resources

Check out the following resources in preparation to stand up for your right to hunt.

Understanding and avoiding misplaced efforts in conservation

Read the study on “Understanding and avoiding misplaced efforts in conservation” by Adam T. Ford et al. linked below to learn about misplaced conservation and the impact of polarization and misinformation on conservation and biodiversity (see an excerpt of the study’s abstract below).


Conservation relies on cooperation among different interest groups and appropriate use of evidence to make decisions that benefit people and biodiversity. However, misplaced conservation occurs when cooperation and evidence are impeded by polarization and misinformation. This impedance influences actions that directly harm biodiversity, alienate partners and disrupt partnerships, waste resources, misinform the public, and (or) delegitimize evidence…

UBC Okanagan News: Misinformation, polarization impeding environmental protection efforts

Read UBC Okanagan’s article on a group of researchers, spanning six universities and three continents, who are sounding the alarm on a topic not often discussed in the context of conservation—misinformation.

Fact versus Fiction: Large carnivore hunting and the social license to hunt

The B.C. Wildlife Federation has reviewed the paper “Large carnivore hunting and the social license to hunt.” The paper infers hunters kill carnivores such as black bears for trophies and that only a minority hunt carnivores. A literature review related to hunters’ motivations and license sales in B.C. demonstrates this claim is unsupported by available evidence.

Hunters, Tell Your Own Story

Jesse Zeman, BCWF Director of the Fish & Wildlife Restoration Program at the B.C. Wildlife Federation touches on the recently published study “Large carnivore hunting and the social license to hunt.” and provides guidance for hunters on talking about hunting with the public.

EatWild Podcast, Episode 47

On March 11, Dylan Eyers from the EatWild Podcast invited Jenny Ly with Chasing Food Club and volunteer with BC Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and Jesse Zeman, BCWF director for fish and wildlife restoration on to the podcast to try to understand what’s happening in our community. They talked about their interpretation of social licence and how the hunting community can build a social licence.

Rookie Hunter Podcast, Episode 133

The Rookie Hunter Podcast is brought to you by the Wild Sheep Foundation. It provides an entertaining and educational view into the complex world of hunting and conservation from the perspective of Kelly and Garrett, two B.C. hunters.

In the latest Podcast episode, Kelly and Garrett are joined by Jesse Zeman, Director Fish and Wildlife Restoration at the B.C. Wildlife Federation to discuss anti-hunting pressure in relation to black bears and large carnivores. The crew also catch up on the Southern Interior Mule Deer Project and Jesse and Garrett talk horse programs.

The Mike Smyth Show: Jesse Zeman & Rebeka Breder discuss bear and other predator species hunting in B.C.

Jesse Zeman, BCWF Director of the Fish & Wildlife Restoration Program was a guest on the Mike Smyth Show hosted on Global News Radio 980 CKNW on February 16. He and Rebeka Breder, animal law lawyer at Breder Law discussed bear and other predator species hunting in B.C.