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With physical distancing keeping families at home, family time is more important than ever!

The B.C. Wildlife Federation is here to help families of members and non-members alike to navigate these times. Here you will find resources and activities that you can give your kids to do on their own or do together as a family.

We update this web page MONTHLY. If you are looking for our previously featured content, they can be found at bottom of the page.

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Ask your family to write or draw what you think

Be sure to SHARE what you come up with by sharing it on social media and hashtagging #BCWF and tagging us @bcwildlifefederation


Pacific Steller's Jay

The Pacific Steller’s Jay is a bird which lives along the Pacific Coast from southern California all the way to Alaska. These birds’ favourite foods are nuts and berries in the winter, and eggs of smaller birds in the summer. . The birds are known to hide nuts in caches during the winter, marking the location with a leaf. The forgetful creates often don’t return for their food, allowing the nuts to grow into big and strong trees!


DIY Chia Pet


What you need:


    • Empty 2-litre bottle
    • Soil
    • Chia seeds
    • Decoration supplies (Googly eyes, paint, permanent markers, etc.)
    • Glue

How To:


  1. Cut your 2-litre bottle in half horizontally, leaving a cup shape (bottom half) and a bottle top (top half).
  2. Recycle the top half of the bottle.
  3. Using your decoration supplies and glue, create a face on your bottle. Make sure the open-top is right-side up!
  4. Fill your bottle with soil and plant the chia seeds.
  5. Water your plant and watch your bottle character grow hair!


Making Outdoor Education Acccessible


Interest in nature-based education has increased during the pandemic, but affordability is an issue.

Spring Crafts for Kids

Easy Peasy and Fun

Try your hand at these kid-friendly spring activities!