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With physical distancing keeping families at home, family time is more important than ever!

The B.C. Wildlife Federation is here to help families of members and non-members alike to navigate these times. Here you will find resources and activities that you can give your kids to do on their own or do together as a family.

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Ask your family to write or draw what you think

Be sure to SHARE what you come up with by sharing it on social media and hashtagging #BCWF and tagging us @bcwildlifefederation


Fin Whale

The Fin Whale is the second largest mammal in the world, and is nicknamed the “greyhound of the sea”. These creatures can be as big as 80 feet in length and consume up to 2,000 kilograms of krill in a single day. Fin whales are solitary creatures, and can be found in coasts across the globe, including in the waters of British Columbia!


Frozen Tree Decorations

Make a natural decoration to hang outside!

What you need:

    • Shallow plastic dishes or containers
    • Natural decorations like berries, leaves, or twigs.
    • String

How To:

  1. Fill your shallow dishes with water
  2. Decorate and arrange your natural decorations on to the water-filled dishes
  3. Create a loop with string by placing two ends of a string into the water. If needed, use tape to secure the string to the dish.
  4. Freeze your decorations! If it is cold enough, simply put your decorations outside to freeze overnight. Otherwise, use your freezer!
  5. Once frozen, place your ornament on a tree outside and watch it melt away.


Winter Activities for Kids

Montessori Nature

Ideas to enjoy outdoor play even with cold temperatures!

The Molecular Magic of Ice and Snow

Resources 4 Rethinking

Learn about the science of freezing!