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With physical distancing keeping families at home, family time is more important than ever!

The B.C. Wildlife Federation is here to help families of members and non-members alike to navigate these times. Here you will find resources and activities that you can give your kids to do on their own or do together as a family.

We update this web page MONTHLY. If you are looking for our previously featured content, they can be found at bottom of the page.

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Ask your family to write or draw what you think

Be sure to SHARE what you come up with by sharing it on social media and hashtagging #BCWF and tagging us @bcwildlifefederation


Long-billed Dowitchers

Long-billed dowitchers are shorebirds in the sandpiper family that can be found in much of British Columbia during their annual migration from Alaska and Russia to Mexico. They have sensitive nerves at the end of their long bills that are used to detect and find food when poking around in the sand Long-billed dowitchers also can use their night vision to forage for food at night when other birds are not able to.


Walnut Shell Animals

What you need:

    • Halved walnut shells
    • Paints (white and coloured)
    • Sealer
    • Paintbrushes

How To:

  1. Paint one coat of white onto all the shells and allow to dry so the other colours come out more vibrant
  2. Paint the shells their primary colours (yellow for bees, red for lady beetle, brown for hedgehog – get creative!)
  3. Paint on details like the face, eyes, ears, stripes or dots
  4. Leave them to dry for a couple hours before presenting!


Whose land are you on?

Native Lands

A great resource to learn about which Indigenous lands we live and play on.

All About Birds

Birds Canada

One of the top resources for all bird-related conservation news in Canada.