Camp Pass

Camp Pass is a subscription service that makes outdoor learning accessible to everyone from the comfort of their own homes. By subscribing to Camp Pass, families will have access to in-depth online tutorials, presentations, and resources that will grow their knowledge on contemporary environmental and conservation issues such as pollinators, climate change, and more.


What is included in Camp Pass?

A full summer of fun for all ages!


  • New interactive courses every week until the end of August
  • Virtual family event every weekend until the end of August
  • Fun presentations, activities, crafts, and more!

What does Camp Pass Cost?

$20.00 for July and August


  • 9 weeks of programs and family events
  • Registration begins June 1st
  • Camp Pass content is available from June 29 – September 30.


Take a look at this video to learn more about Camp Pass, and meet Chris, Natalie, Celine, and Kelly, our BCWF Youth Educators.


  • Animal identification
  • Basic survival skills
  • Basic hunter education
  • Communication skills
  • Ecological relationships
  • Humans impact on our environment
  • Importance of ecosystems, forest fires, pollination, and wetlands
  • Introduction to environmental policies
  • Leadership styles
  • Migration
  • Native bees and other pollinators
  • Practical ways to combat climate change
  • Sustainable resource management
  • Teamwork
  • Waterfowl
  • Wildlife rehabilitation


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Camp Pass Work?

Camp Pass operates on a platform called Thinkific. On this website, we release three lessons and activities weekly, that you can do at your own pace. Additionally, each week we’ll host an exclusive live event for our Camp Pass subscribers for your families to enjoy.

What is Camp Pass Live?

Camp Pass Live is a weekly camp lesson or activity facilitated by BCWF Youth Educators based on the theme of Camp Pass that week. It’s a great chance to connect in real-time with BCWF Educators and other wildlife enthusiasts.

Can my family join the Camp Pass Live with me?

Yes, your family can join in on the Camp Pass Live event!

Do the live events happen every Saturday?

Camp Pass Live events will happen every week, but not necessarily on Saturday. On Monday, we will send you an RSVP link with details of the event, the supply list, and the activity which will be facilitated.

Can I try a Camp Pass course before I buy the entire subscription?

We have a trial course, “Hug a Tree” available on our Thinkific page, which you can try before purchasing the subscription.

I have a question that wasn't answered on this list. Where do I ask it?

Please email for any questions, comments, or concerns.