Virtual Annual General Meeting

Saturday, July 11, 2020 l 10 am - 2 pm

64th Annual General Meeting

As per the Bylaws of the BCWF:
4.4 Annual Meetings

An Annual General Meeting of the Federation shall be held at least once in every calendar year at the time and place the Board determines. The AGM reports on the business of the previous year, providing members the opportunity to hear various reports and ask questions.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the BCWF Board of Directors has chosen to host a Virtual AGM this year to conduct the mandatory business of the Federation and to vote on only those resolutions deemed most urgent.

Companies, societies, co-operatives now able to meet electronically

Our AGM will be held live over ZOOM on Saturday July 11th, 10:00AM to 2:00PM. All BCWF members are eligible to attend, however only those who register will be sent a link to join the virtual AGM. To help run the meeting as efficiently as possible, we request that all those who wish to participate register and submit in advance any pressing questions directed to the Board, Committees and/or nominated Candidates.

Please send your questions by or before June 28th.

Note: Depending on the number of questions and meeting time constraints, your particular question may not be addressed during the meeting but will be answered by the Federation following the meeting.


Virtual AGM Instructions

  • Our virtual event will be using Zoom 5.0 with GCM encryption, a recent enhancement to their security features to ensure our meeting is secure.
  • Only those members who formally register will be sent a link and granted access to the meeting.
  • You can join using a smartphone or tablet however we would recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to achieve the full benefit of participating in this virtual event.
  • Internet connected device (desktop/laptop/tablet) with audio.
  • To participate in the virtual AGM, a camera and microphone are not required, and audio will automatically be muted upon entry.
  • There will be a phone in option, however, to participate in voting you must have internet access.
  • Due to safety and engagement concerns, BCWF discourages driving while attending the 2020 AGM.

What will you need to participate in the 2020 BCWF virtual AGM:


Deadline for Registrations, Nominations and Questions are due June 28th, 2020.

Voting Delegates

Club Voting Eligibility:

Only selected and registered delegates may vote, as long as their BCWF Club Membership is current and paid in full up to December 31st, 2019.
Clubs are granted voting rights based on the number of their club members
100 or less members = 1 vote
101-200 members = 2 votes
201-500 members = 3 votes
501 and over = 3 votes
Plus 1 vote for every 500 members over 501

BCWF Direct Members Club

BCWF Direct Members (those that are not Members of a local Fish & Game Club), are entitled to send 9 voting delegates to represent them at the 2020 BCWF Virtual AGM. Delegates chosen will be expected to represent the diverse interests of the Direct Members and speak on their behalf at the AGM.

How to Apply

In addition to registering with the link provided below, Members that are interested in attending the 2020 BCWF Virtual AGM as a Direct Member Delegate are also required to submit a short letter outlining their reasons for attending the event.

Applications may be submitted by email to:

Applications must be received by end of day, Friday, June 26th, 2020.

Nominations Process:

This year we ask that all nominations be submitted by June 28th, to facilitate circulation of nominees to voting delegates, with e-ballots to be cast on the day of the virtual AGM.

The election of officers will be conducted through EZ Vote, a secure online voting platform. The issue of nominations being traditionally accepted from the floor is superseded for this AGM by the following motion passed by the BCWF Board of Directors: MOTION That nominations for elected positions will only be accepted in advance of the 2020 Virtual AGM and biographies circulated to voting delegates at least one week prior to the virtual event.

2020 Virtual AGM Proposed Resolutions

The BC Wildlife Federation Resolutions Committee is happy to present the 2020 Proposed Resolutions for the Virtual AGM.

The Resolutions Committee has being working with the sponsoring clubs, committees and regions of the proposed resolutions and have deferred some resolutions to the 2021 BCWF AGM & Convention, in hopes that we will be able to discuss them further face-to-face in the coming year.

2020 Online Auction Fundraiser

The BC Wildlife Federation is excited to announce that we will be hosting an Online Auction from:
Saturday, July 11, starting at 10 am until Wednesday, July 22, until 8 pm!

By participating in our online auction, you are supporting our many initiatives and standing up for the diverse wildlife and pristine natural habitats that make our Province special. Your generosity makes an impact that will benefit everyone, now and in the future.

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